Our Staff & Instructors


Brenda Cerkez, Executive Director

“It’s great to be part of an organization that promotes the dignity of the human person!”Brenda directs the day-to-day management of Family Honor, a position she has held since 1993.

Julie Rotureau, Administrative / Development Assistant

What a blessing it is to work for Family Honor. Truly this is God’s work, and I am excited that Family Honor is here for our children and grandchildren to have opportunities to come together and share in His good news about families, chastity and love.”Julie brings extensive experience to Family Honor from a career in S.C. State Government and helps with both general Administrative duties and Development work.


Jenny Mcpherson, Course Instructor

“Family Honor has been and continues to be a God given gift to our family. It has encouraged us and provided us with the tools we need to appreciate and support each other on our journey towards Christ. I am honored to be given the opportunity to help others discover the gifts Family Honor has to offer.”

Kathy Schmugge, Course Instructor

In addition to being the Co-Instructor for Family Honor’s online course, Kathy Schmugge is also the Director of Family Life for the Diocese of Charleston, SC. Kathy thinks that “Chastity education means freedom. This freedom can come late in life after the accumulation of scars from past mistakes or it can come early and spare one some of the injuries. We have had too many generations go by that have not shared with their children their philosophies on sexuality because they ‘can’t give what they don’t have.’ The idea of teaching both parent and child [in Family Honor programs] is central to breaking this trend.”

Vincent Weaver, Presenter of Programs, Seminars, and Weekend Courses

“It is a privilege and a blessing to be with Family Honor! I would like everyone to know what an enormous impact Family Honor has had on my family and me over many years. It’s great to be a part of this ministry and to be able to share this message of hope and love Christ has for all of us.”