“I think this information can help educate the families and children of the Church to prevent and heal sexual immoral situations.”

Weekend Course Participant

Whoever said there is strength (and encouragement) in numbers certainly was correct!  Feedback from Family Honor’s recent course, Understanding the Human Person, which was held at St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church in Westerville, Ohio, showed the truth of this maxim.

Parents and ministry leaders from approximately five parishes in and around the Columbus, Ohio area attended the weekend course on March 25 and 26. This was the first time Family Honor brought our in-person class to Ohio and a primary purpose was to provide continuing education for ministry leaders and parents and also provide the first step in training for those who wish to become Presenters with our Family Honor Midlands, Ohio team, in order to deliver parent-teen programs on chastity, theology of the body, and effective parent-child communication in their area.

The course opened on Friday with talks from Family Honor Presenter Vincent Weaver and Executive Director Brenda Cerkez, who were on site to deliver their presentations. They were also joined by Lead Course Instructor Jenny McPherson and Instructor Kathy Schmugge, who gave their talks live via Zoom. Topics covered included: The Mother and Father of Sexual Chaos; Male-Female Complementarity; The Qualities of Christ-like Love; and more. Friday evening, Father Wilson, pastor of St. Paul’s, gave an excellent talk on A Pastoral Response to Same-Sex Attraction through The Theology of the Body. Presentations continued on Saturday with subjects that included Child Development and the Role of Parents and How to Respond to Challenging Questions from Youth.

Feedback from the men and women who attended affirmed the helpfulness of the class and included these comments:

                “I think I will probably use a lot of this information in evangelization … [I also] definitely foresee using this information to help my kids navigate both their own adolescence and all the changes that come with that and going out into a world that will not be welcoming to their beliefs.” 

                “I would like to be able to bring young families this information, to engage parents in the complete education of their children … my friends struggle with talking to their kids. I will happily share topics and resources to further their conversations.” 

                “The class reinforced the teachings of the Church and gave me a much better understanding of the ‘why’ behind some of the teachings. This will help me defend our faith against those who doubt the Church’s position, both within and outside the Church.” 

Family Honor’s next Understanding the Human Person weekend course will be held in Columbia, SC in June at The Basilica of St. Peter. For details go to: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/understanding-the-human-person-sc-tickets-267043001807  Want to bring a Family Honor weekend course or parent-teen program to your area? Contact us at: 803.929.0858 or info@familyhonor.org