Marilyn and Raul, Family Honor Presenters with our Alabama team and our Bilingual Hispanic team.


For over 30 years, Family Honor has been encouraging and equipping parents with the resources and programs you need to raise virtuous children. Our family programs have always been (and will continue to be!) the ‘heart’ of what we do.

From our Leading & Loving program (for parents of young children) to Changes & Challenges (for parents with their pre-teens) to Real Love & Real Life (for parents with their young teens), our Presenters have delivered material that talks about chastity, virtue, fertility, communication, peer pressure, The Theology of the Body, and much more in age-appropriate ways that respect the dignity of all participants.

We have also previously provided an online course for adult continuing education for parents, ministry leaders and others wishing to teach chastity education and online webinars for parents and children.

We’re happy to announce that, for the 2022-2023 program year, Family Honor is offering more programming choices than ever before! Here is a quick look at a few of them:

♥  Five of our bilingual Hispanic Presenters will be delivering a Spanish-language Leading & Loving program at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Chattanooga, TN in October. As of this writing, over 40 parents have registered for the program.

♥ If you’re the parent of a high-school age teen, you may be interested in the Staying Connected program that will be offered in November at St. Luke the Evangelist in Raleigh, NC. This program will help you respond to the more challenging questions your older teens are asking you about sex, gender, and dating.

♥  Family Honor is offering a new half-day seminar this year, too. Titled Shining the Light of Faith and Reason on Gender, Identity, and Freedom, it is primarily for parents and grandparents who want answers to the questions their children and grandchildren are asking about sex and gender.  Family Honor has already delivered this seminar at Transfiguration Catholic Church in Blythewood, SC and hopes to book one or two more in the coming months.

♥  We will be back in Raleigh, NC in February to present our weekend course, Understanding the Human Person. This course is for adults who want a more in-depth classroom experience, especially those who are interested in becoming Presenters for Family Honor programs.

♥  And in Spring, 2023, we will debut our updated Real Love & Real Life program for parents with their 7th or 8th grader.

♥  Finally, we are in the process of working out some collaborative partnerships that will add even more resources and options for families in particular.

To find a program or class near you, go to: or call Family Honor at 803-929-0858.