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Endorsements and Testimonials

“This program has helped me understand myself better…”

2016 - Debra Hitpas and Family

Debra Hitpas and Family

“This [Family Honor] program has helped me understand myself better and God’s love for me. Growing up I was told, ‘Don’t have sex until marriage because the Bible says it is a sin.’ This statement never expressed to me why. Now I understand who God created me to be and my purpose in life. He created me to love others and show myself as a visible image of His love, especially in my marriage. Having a virtuous marriage is not always easy, but with God’s grace we will strive to be a reflection of God’s love in each other’s life … The more my husband and I honor our gift of marital love, the closer the two of us will become to God … [The Family Honor] course has helped me explain the beautiful gift of our sexuality to my children. I look forward to helping our local Family Honor team share the gift of God’s love for us and the value of chastity to youth in our area.”

“Parents Need to Be the Truth Detectors …”

Pete Bleyer, M.D. and Family

Pete Bleyer, M.D. and Family

“The course did an excellent job of illustrating the ways in which living in a chaste manner helps us live happier lives with a closer relationship to our Lord. The objective data and discussion found in the paper “Delaying the Onset of Sexual Debut” was especially helpful because it presented in a very objective manner the benefits of waiting sexually until marriage, without relying on religious tenets. Living chaste makes sense logically to me if we are going to have a strong society. I find it very reassuring to observe how the Church’s teaching follows rationally from the natural law. This paper illustrates how living chaste is good for all … Taking the course taught me more about my own weaknesses in living a chaste life and motivated me to do better. I also learned how drastically different the message our children receive outside the home is compared to the one we want them to hear. Parents need to be the “truth detectors” to combat an immoral, untruthful message that comes from secular society, and establish good communication with their children to allow this to happen.

Most urgently I need to bring what I have learned to my older children. This message becomes ever more important when one realizes the tremendous amount of false information our children are receiving through their electronic devices and from their peers. This message must be brought to them in the context of the love a parent has for a child. We must acknowledge that being chaste –  in the face of all the temptation not to be so – is an extremely difficult challenge. We must build a sense of trust and create strong communication skills in order to best support them in their struggle to be chaste. We must also foster prayerful meditation on these ideas, as the Church’s teaching on love and marriage is not always easy to appreciate.

Once I have incorporated this knowledge into helping my own children, the next step is to bring this information to teens and adults as part of the Family Honor program. This program is urgently needed in our community as we attempt to help teens with their sexual struggles. Much like sharing the information with my own children, the task is formidable … our job to promote the Church’s teaching on sex has become ever more difficult. We need to draw strength from the Catholic martyrs in the Mideast and continue to promote Jesus and his teachings in our daily life.” — Pete Bleyer, M.D.



“This [Family Honor] course has been such an eye opening experience and I can’t begin to describe how much it has improved my relationship with God, with my husband and, especially, with my children. God has created us in such a perfect and purposeful way and it is truly astonishing to think about the plan He has revealed in us through our bodies and our sexuality.”

— Natalia Gracia, graduate of
Family Honor’s Truth and Meaning online course


Most Rev. Robert Guglielmone, Bishop, Diocese of Charleston, SC

Most Rev. Robert Guglielmone, Bishop, Diocese of Charleston, SC

“It is my fervent hope that, through their unique family-centered programs, leadership training and resources relating to parent-child communication, chastity education and Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, Family Honor will continue to lead men and women of all ages closer to Christ.”

Family Honor’s course, “The Truth and Meaning of Sexuality, Love & Family,” Changes Lives:

2015 - Hope and Michael - Wedding Photo

Former Family Honor online course student Hope and husband Michael on their wedding day, June, 2015

“This [Family Honor online] course has taught me in depth what authentic love is, where it is found, and how it is lived. This lesson will play a key role in my own life, and hopefully in the lives of those in my sphere of influence. …This course also taught me how to explain chastity to others in a way that doesn’t come across as a list of rules to follow … Rather, chastity is a virtue that actually liberates us and allows us to love more fully, and is therefore a beautiful virtue and a great gift. It is a virtue that is necessary to practice during all stages of life, in any vocation. In the practice of the virtue of chastity, we learn to reverence ourselves and value the gift of our sexuality as well as the inherent dignity of the other. With a deeper understanding of the truth, I hope that I will be able to share it with those whom I love … Finally, I learned a lot from the lesson on the family. Growing up, the truths of the faith as well as sexuality and chastity were rarely discussed in the home. And experiencing some brokenness within the family, I found this lesson very heavy, but also very encouraging. This lesson shed light on the areas that were perhaps lacking in my childhood and the effects that brought. However, this light is encouraging in that I can be thankful for the many gifts God has given through my family, have knowledge and understanding of my past, and use all that I have learned to enter into a more fully alive future. This lesson helped me understand more fully what a family should be which gives me much hope for the future of my potential family. I believe this [Family Honor] course will make a deep impact on how I approach starting a family in the future, and for this I am deeply grateful.”

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