I am excited to report that Family Honor has a new collaborative effort underway with Catholic Radio in South Carolina: podcasts!

Our podcasts are available on the MediaTrix App for phones, pads, and tablets and they will feature a terrific variety of interviews, announcements, and helpful tips relating to family life, virtue, the Theology of the Body, parenting tips, and lots more.

The podcasts are available 24/7 and – best of all – no matter what state you live in, you can still download this app and listen to our podcasts.

Our podcasts will be a wonderful way for you and other friends of Family Honor to stay connected with our latest news, program offerings, and resources. It will also be a great way to introduce families and ministry leaders to Family Honor’s mission and how we can help them and their local parish or diocese.


The MediaTrix App is available as a free download from your phone’s app store. Search for “MediaTrix” and look for the logo featuring a blue rose on a white background.  (Shown at left.)  Once you’ve downloaded and opened the app, you’ll see our Family Honor logo in the middle. Just click on it and then you’ll see a list of various recordings from which you can select.

Recently, I did an interview with Anastasia Northrup, who is Director of the National Catholic Singles Conference. We had a great conversation about how her organization is helping Catholic single adults grow their faith through annual conferences, study groups, and fellowship opportunities, with a special focus on the Theology of the Body.  That interview is now posted on MediaTrix. Another recent interview features a representative with the national organization Focus on the Family and that should be up soon, too. We hope to post at least one new article, interview, or commentary each week.

Our warm thanks goes to Catholic Radio in South Carolina for making these podcasts in South Carolina possible. What a great friend they have been to Family Honor over the years!  We also thank our faithful donors for supporting us. You help our service to families continue.

Do you have a suggestion for someone you’d like us to interview or a topic you would like us to cover in our podcasts? Drop us an email at our contact form or call our Family honor office: 803-929-0858.