Congratulations to our newest Family Honor bilingual team of Presenter Interns! Marco, Maria, Elizabeth, Nelson, and Deacon Pat presented our Spanish-language Leading & Loving program at Our Lady of the Rosary in Louisburg, North Carolina on January 20, 2024. These new Intern Presenters are part of Family Honor’s growing Hispanic outreach. They are now part of a cadre of Family Honor bilingual Presenters located in South Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; Clarksville, Tennessee; and Huntsville, Alabama.

This was the very first program our newest North Carolina-based team presented. Fifteen families attended and were excited to hear about how to teach their young children about Christ-like love, true worth, purity, the dignity of the human person, God’s precious gift of sexuality and being created male and female in His image.

One parent commented:
    “Muy bueno para todos los que queremos una vida de castidad  y santidad para nuestros hijos y que tengan a Dios en sus vidas. Solo así su vida será muy diferente.  Pero tenemos que ser el ejemplo.  Muy muy importante yo hablaré cada día con mi esposo sobre muchas cosas que aprendí y estudiar el libro”.  Translation: “Very good for all of us who want a life of chastity and holiness for our children and that they have God in their lives. Only then will your life be very different. But we have to be the example. Very very important, I will talk to my husband every day about many things that I learned and study the book.”


We are excited to let you know that more Spanish language Family Honor programs are planned in the coming months! On February 16 and 17, our new bilingual South Carolina team will deliver a Leading & Loving parent-only program at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Gaffney, South Carolina. In addition, we hope to schedule another Leading & Loving program this Spring in both North and South Carolina and continue the Leading & Loving program delivery in Clarksville, Tennessee.


Want more information on bringing a Family Honor program to your parish or training a team of bilingual Presenters in your area? Contact Family Honor at or 803.929.0858.